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Karen Cope-Swatton is a figurative sculptor, classically trained at The Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. There, she spent three years acquiring many methods and techniques reminiscent of the old masters. Cope has taught figurative sculpture at The Florence Academy of Art, The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, Disney's Circle Seven Studios, and Cope Studios.

Karen uses the "Drawing in Space" method of sculpting. The objective of this method is to continually add purposeful notes of clay while studying closely from nature (the model) until full volume is reached. Great attention is paid to silhouettes and articulating high and low points while mapping out subtle transitions throughout the figure. Subtracting clay and raking the surface are not encouraged due to generalizing the figure. This allows the rhythms to flow naturally inside and out, and the integrity of the piece is not compromised. 

As a figurative sculptor, Karen identifies with a naturalistic style of sculpting by studying nature diligently. Her objective is to seek out the qualities from nature that specifically set us apart and intertwine them with the essence of that person in a style she refers to as naturalistic impressionism. Collectors often comment on the emotion and sense of self that emanates from each piece as well as being lulled by the intense rhythms throughout. Karen's sculptures are cast in bronze and are currently in public and private collections in Italy, Ireland, and the US. 

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